Turkey Visa From U.S.A

Turkey Visa:

Just like most of the countries, Turkey and its Government have laid down specific permits and rules for people that wish to enter their country. However, there are multiple constraints such as duration of stay, the purpose of entry/visit, number of entries, etc. that enable the type of the Visa that is being issued. Earlier, Turkey had given its visitors an opportunity that allows them to get an e-Visa on arrival at the Turkish airports using the e-Visa Kiosks. The Turkish Government removed this facility, and all the visitors that wish to stay or enter Turkey must be having an e-Visa which is a permit for the passengers to enter the country.

Turkey Visa From U.S.A:

All the visitors from the U.S who wish to visit Turkey should have a valid visa to enter the boundaries of Turkey. One of the easiest ways to apply for a Turkey Visa is by applying for an e-Visa through the Turkish Immigration.

The application process for Turkish e-Visa follows the following three steps:
1. Apply
2. Make Payment
3. Download

1. Apply:

Under the first step of the application process, the applicant shall be asked for his/her personal and legal details. Applicants must make sure that the entered details are valid and not under any obligations by the Government. The details entered in the application must be matching with the details in his/her passport. If any discrepancies arise, there are higher chances of the Visa being rejected.

2. Make Payment:

Once all the details are provided and thoroughly cross-checked/double-checked, the applicant must choose the payment method and has to pay the Visa Fee. Once the payment is successfully completed, the applicant must be checking his/her email for any further updates.

3. Download:

Once the payment is received, the application will undergo Visa processing, and once it is approved, e-Visa is sent to the applicant via email. Once the applicant gets his/her e-Visa, they need to print it out. The e-Visa allows the applicants to board Turkish airplanes and they can provide it at the Turkish airports while checking If people from the U.S who wish to visit Turkey on a Cruiser ship need to go through some different procedures if they do not possess an e.Visa. Their stay must be restricted to not more than a day, and they are advised to carry a copy of their passports since their passports are already safely kept by Cruiser authorities.

If you wish to stay for more than 90 days, then the applicants must be applying for a resident visa. If you happen to overstay, out of the given 90 days, it causes a problem as the Turkish Government may impose fine or Ban on your passports with respect to the length of the overstay. The ban from re-entering Turkish boundaries are:

● 0-15 days of overstay: No Ban.
● 16-90 days of Overstay: Banned for up to three months
● Overstay more than 90 days: Banned for up to six months.