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Turkey Visa from U.A.E.

Turkey Visa from U.A.E.

It is a known fact that Turkey is a place that every traveler enthusiast wishes to visit at least once in their lifetime. The rich heritage and scenic locations, along with their historical sites, make Turkey a dream location for travelers across the globe. However, the Turkish Government has laid down some specific terms and conditions to be followed by people who wish to enter their country. One needs to have a valid Visa to enter into the Turkey borders, and various types of Visas are related to significant factors that define what type of Visa would be issued concerning the factors of individuals.

Turkey indeed has a significant number of crowds that travel from the U.A.E. in all seasons of time. Some of the significant points to lookout for applying for a Turkey Visa from U.A.E.:

1. Residents whose Visas are issued by Sharjah/ Emirates of Dubai / Ajman / Umm Al-Quwain / Ras Al Khaimah / Fujairah Sharjah are to submit their applications at the Visa Application Centre located in Dubai.
2. The visas issued by Al Ain and Abu Dhabi are to submit their applications at the Visa Application Centre located in Abu Dhabi.
3. Applicants that wish to apply at the Visa Centre for Application in Abu Dhabi can apply maximum in advance to 45 days.
4. Applicants that apply at the Visa Centre for Application in Dubai can apply max in advance to 60 days for Turkey Visa.
5. The applicant must always be aware of the documents and details that are being uploaded/submitted; any irregularities in the documents/details may lead to cancellation or redoing the whole application process.

How to apply:
● Each applicant is to have a reserved appointment by logging into the Online Application System.
● Fill in the details in the application.
● Attach all the required documents.
● Make sure that the documents and photos that are being attached reach the given specifications.
● The application is to be submitted at the V.F.S. Centre.
● Complete the payment (fee) by using a credit/debit card.
● Track your application and collect your passport at V.F.S. Centre once the process is completed.

Generally, a Turkish Tourist Visa is valid upto 6 months. If the applicant has chosen for an e-Visa the processing takes lesser periods of time. However, the applicant must be having a valid ‘Purpose of Visit’ and must ensure that they do not extend their stay in Turkey but stick to the Visa and the dates issued to them. If there is an extension of stay, there are some consequences that could be imposed on the applicants such as imposing fines or banning them from future travels.