Turkey Visa From India

One of the most beautiful and tourists’ favorite countries, Turkey, is known for its cultural heritage, incredible history, and numerous possibilities for travel enthusiasts. Turkey has a global appeal and is considered to be on the bucket list for travelers worldwide. People from India, too, are noted to be some among the many of those travelers that wish to have this country toured once in their lifetimes.

Turkey has laid down specific rules and permits for people that wish to enter their country’s border and allow tourists to stay in Turkey. The purpose for their visit, duration of their stay, the number of attempts to enter the country, etc., are some of the factors that enable the type of Visas issued to people concerning their aspect.

Tourists from India must be possessing the following documents to apply for a tourist Turkey Visa:
1. Valid Indian Passport
2. Details of a return ticket, hotel booking documents that confirm your stay during your period in Turkey
3. The purpose of visiting Turkey.

The Government of Turkey has given a more accessible opportunity for travelers from India to opt for an electronic Visa option that allows applicants to apply and receive their e-Visa online. Steps that are to be followed to obtain an e-Visa:

● Applicants must fill-up the online application for e-Visa where all the details of the applicant are to be filled.
● Pay the online service fee for the application with a credit/debit card or via PayPal.
● Once the Visa Processing of your application is completed, the applicant shall receive an email with the Visa Copy. Applicants must download the copy and provide it at the airport while traveling. This process does not let the applicants deal with the embassy.

Some of the significant details that are to be noted by Indians that wish to visit Turkey are as follows:

● The maximum stay for Indians in Turkey is for 30 days, and the applicants must not be involved with any paid/unpaid work in the country.
● The applicant’s passport must be having a valid expiration date that has a minimum of six months of validity from the date of their entry.
● If you wish to extend your stay in Turkey, you must report to a Police Station for a residence permit.
● However, an overstay of Visa shall lead to a fine, and also a ban from future travel may be imposed on your passport.