Kenya Visa

Kenya is a country in Africa that is famous for its safari parks, but there is a lot more that the country has to offer such as coral reefs and beaches. Kenya, also known as the Republic of Kenya, is named after Mount Kenya, the highest mountain of Kenya. It is the world’s 48th largest country. Some famous cities of Kenya include Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret. The capital of nation is Nairobi which is also the largest city. However, the first capital of the country, and its oldest city, is Mombasa. The currency of Kenya is ‘Shilling’, also known as Kenyan Shilling.

Kenya Visa Requirements

The applicant is eligible only if he/she meets the requirements. The requirements are:

  • The passport must be valid for six months, and it must have one blank page so that the visa can be stamped. The passport must be in good condition.
  • The applicant has to submit a copy of the confirmation page of the application form with the date and applicant’s signature or a print out of Kenyan eVisa.
  • The applicant must provide two recent passport size photos which should be visible and identical to the photograph that is in the passport.
  • The applicant has to provide a copy of his flight reservation ticket and hotel reservation ticket.
  • The applicant must submit his/her recent bank statement.
  • The applicant must submit the certificate of yellow fever vaccination as Kenya is a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission. It is mandatory for travellers to take the yellow fever vaccination; otherwise, the applicant will not be allowed to enter Kenya.

Additional documents for Kenya Diplomatic and Service Visa-

The applicant must apply to the Consular Office of the Republic of Indonesia. The applicant must attach a diplomatic note with the application. The note must be from official agencies or missions or international organization.

The note must include the following information of the applicant for all diplomatic and service visas, whether for temporary visits or assignments:

  • Name and date of birth;
  • Position and title;
  • Place of assignment or visit;
  • Purpose of travel;
  • A brief description of duties;
  • Travel date;
  • Anticipated length of stay; and
  • The names, relationships, dates of birth, and travel dates of the members who are accompanying in the trip.