The Turkish visa is an endorsement that lets individuals enter the country to take part in a wide range of activities. These can be tourism, trade, work, studies, and so on. Thanks to Turkey’s international relations, a large number of nationals actually do not need a visa to enter. A few other nationals can, in fact, get a Turkey visa on arrival. However, citizens of certain countries including India will need to apply for a visa beforehand. As a result, the Turkey visa for Indians is a necessity. Although, as an Indian, if you hold a valid Schengen, US, UK, Ireland visa or residence permit, you are also eligible for a Turkey e visa (tourism, visiting family,  & trade only).

Note:- The e-visa type of the Turkey visa for Indian citizens will not be valid if your UK, US, Ireland permit is also an e-visa.

How to Apply for Turkey Visa from India?

The application for the Turkish permit from India can be done in multiple ways. The following section will explain the different types in which you can apply. However, before starting any application, you must check that you are eligible to apply for a particular category. You may then proceed as follows –

At Embassy

  1. Visit the website of the Turkish diplomatic mission in India as per the jurisdiction.
  2. Start out by filling the Turkey online visa application form ( pre-application) available on the website.
  3. If you are eligible for the Turkey e visa, you will be redirected to the relevant portal. Else, you can proceed with the application form.
  4. Note the reference number you receive on your email.
  5. Proceed to book an appointment at the diplomatic mission as per the jurisdiction.
  6. Download the offline application form and fill it manually.
  7. Attend the appointment with the duly signed application form, documents, and the fees.
  8. Submit the application and pay the fees at the mission.

Note:- Jurisdiction will be explained further in the guide.

At Visa Application Centres

  1. Visit the website of the embassy outsourced VAC as per the jurisdiction.
  2. Fill out the Turkey visa application form online or manually with a blue or black ink pen, and in capital letters.
  3. Ring the call centre of the VAC and proceed to book an appointment for the application submission.
  4. Along with the application form, documents, and the fees, attend the appointment slot.
  5. Submit the application and pay the fees at the VAC.

E visa (tourist and business permits only)

  1. If you are eligible, visit the e-visa portal of the Turkish ministry.
  2. Fill in the Turkey visa form with all the required details.
  3. Pay the fees and submit the application.

Turkey Visa Types

Based on the purpose of the visit, Turkish permits can be classified into the following major types. Based on the more finer purpose of visit, there are additional types as well.  –

  • Tourist – This category is issued for people visiting Turkey for the purpose of tourism or visiting their family/friends in the country.
  • Business – This type is granted for individuals who are entering the country to perform business-activities.
  • Work –  Issued for people who are going to take part in employment or work in the country.

Student/research – These are issued for students who have to visit Turkey to take academic courses or to perform research.

Documents Required for Turkey Visa from India

As per the Turkey visa application requirements, the following are the general list of documents you must possess for an application. However, based on the exact type of visa, you will need additional documents. Something to note is that the documentation requirements may vary based on the mission you are applying to.

  • Fully filled and signed application form.
  • 2 photos as per the specifications.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Proof of funds such as bank statements.
  • Proof of purpose of visit as per the category.