Oman Visa

There are different sorts of reasons why people visit the country. In order to enter the country, you will need a visa for Oman.

How to get Oman visa from India?

For Indians,  the process to get the visa for Oman is to apply online. In order to apply for Oman visa online, you need to visit the official Oman embassy website. The process involves a combination of online and offline processes. The step by step procedure is given as follows:

  • Apply online by filling the Oman online visa application form on the official website.
  • Pay visa fees online.
  • After the completion of the above process, print out the form and the payment receipt.
  • You can mail the visa application along with the supporting documents to the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, signed.

After the submission of the documents and the visa application form, the Embassy will process the documents and the passport will be mailed back to the applicant after verification. The e-visa will then be emailed to the registered email address.

Also, take note that you submit genuine documents. Else, there are chances that the visa may even get rejected. Visa rejection will even affect your future visa applications.

Oman visa types

There are different kinds of visas based on the purpose of the visit. They can be classified as long-term visas and short-term visas. These can be further categorized as the following:

  • Short term visas: The visas that are issued for a shorter period of time, six months or less are categorized under short term visas. They can be further classified as follows:
    1. Tourist/Visitor visa: At times when you are visiting Oman for tourism purposes, in order to tour the country you will require a permit which is termed as a tourist visa. A visitor visa acquired when you are visiting a family or friend in the country. The validity for both the visas is generally the same.
    2. Business visa: A business person mandates a business visa in order to visit the country for business purposes. It is a short term visa with limited and normally non-extendable validity.
  • Long term visas: The visas that have a longer validity, more than six months are termed as long term visas. They can be further classified as follows:
    1. Student visa: A student visa is something that is issued for the ones who are looking forward to pursuing an education in the country.
    2. Work visa: Whenever someone has a job in Oman and require a permit to stay in the country for the same, a work or employment visa is issued.
    3. Resident visa: A resident visa is a permit given to the visitors who are going to stay in the country for a longer period of time, say about five years.

Documents required for Oman visa

There are several documents that are required for getting the visa for Oman issued. The list of common, necessary documents is as follows:

  • Passport with a validity of at least six months ahead of the period of stay.
  • Visa application form, completely filled
  • Recent photos
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Airline tickets
  • Travel Insurance

There are other documents as well that are attached along with the visa application form depending on the type of the visa.