Egypt Visa

The times when someone is planning to travel to Egypt from India, a visa for Egypt must be issued prior to the journey. There are several benefits to the visa. With the different types, the visa will allow the holder to travel through the country, do business with the Egyptian companies, and even visit friends and family in the country. Some of the visas are long term while some are short term. The stay permitted and the validity of the visa will vary as per the type of the visa as well.

How to get Egypt Visa?

In order to get a visa for Egypt, you will have to apply offline to the Egypt Consulate directly. Although, before that, you need to match the eligibility criteria provided by the Egypt Embassy. The step by step procedure to be followed for the issuance of the Egypt visa is as follows:

  1. Start by downloading the Egypt visa application form.
  2. Type in all the required details and answer all the questions.
  3. Collect all the required documents.
  4. Submit the documents and the application form to the Consulate.
  5. Pay the required fee for the visa.

After the payment of the fee, you can then wait for the verification and the processing of your visa application. If there are any kind of changes to be made in the application, the Consulate must be informed accordingly. If you have a change of plans and you need to withdraw your application, you need to make sure that the Consulate is known in time.

It is also important to note that the information you are filling out in the form is correct and that it matches the information in the documentary proof that is being provided. If any kind of errors are found or if there are any issues found in the application or with the applicant, there are chances that the visa may get rejected. Such a visa rejection can affect future applications to get a visa for Egypt or any other country.

Egypt Visa Types

There are different types of visa mainly classified as per the purpose of the visit. They can even be classified depending on the validity that they have to offer and the number of entries allowed on one visa. They can be differentiated as follows:

  • Short term visas: The visa that are provided to applicants who are looking for a short stay in Egypt. These kinds of visa normally allow single entries and quite limited validity and stay varying from 30 to 60 days. The period of stay will still vary as per the requirement and the type of visa. Based on the purpose of the visit, these visas can be categorized as follows:
    1. Egypt Tourist Visa
    2. Egypt Business Visa
  • Long term visas: These types of visas are granted to the ones who are looking forward to having a long term stay in the country. These generally are multiple entry visas and allow the holder to stay for long-term causes like education, employment or residency. These can be further classified as the following:
    1. Resident Visa
    2. Student Visa
    3. Work Visa

Egypt Visa Requirements

There are different kinds of documents required as per the type of the visa. However, there are certain documents that are common for all types. The common Egypt visa requirements for Indian citizens are listed as follows:

  • An original passport valid for at least 6 months ahead of the date of travel.
  • Coloured photographs as per the photo specifications
  • A cover letter with all the required details
  • Confirmed flight tickets
  • Income Tax Returns proof
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation – invitation letter, hotel reservation, etc.
  • Proof of purpose of visit – invitation letter, exhibition or conference pass, etc.
  • Proof of sufficient funds – bank statement or any other equivalent document.